Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity 2004

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9. Dedication for Emperors and Caesars



[ὑπ]ὲρ τῆς τῶν
[κυ]ρίων Αὐτοκρα -
[τ]όρων καὶ Καισ-
ρων αἰωνίου
5 vac. διαμονῆς


For the eternal endurance of the lords Imperators and Caesars.


The letters underlined were recorded by Paris and Holleaux and Reichel, but had been lost when the stone was read in the 1970s.


Front face (1975) Front face (1975) View in situ (1975)
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Squeeze Drawing by Reichel (1893)


There is no trace of any further inscription, and while there would have been ample space for a further text on the area of the face which is at present concealed, examples of inscriptions where a short text is inscribed at the top of a tall base, with the bulk of the space left empty, are provided by 2 and 3, and suggest that that was also the case here. If so, any description of the dedicator (very probably the city) would have stood on an upper feature.

The block appears to be cracked half-way down, which perhaps occasioned its re-use in the construction of the city wall; its presence there provides a terminus post quem for the building of at least this stretch of the fortifications (see further III.18).

See further discussion at II.17.







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