Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity 2004

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31. Verse honours for Oecumenius; 254. Invocation




     τὸν σὲ νόμων πλή|θοντα, τὸν Ἰταλι|ώτιδα Μοῦσαν v. |
     v. Ἀτθίδος ἡδυεπεῖ | (5) v. κιρνάμενον μέλιτι |
     τῆιδ' Οἰκουμένιον | τὸν ἀοίδιμον ἡγεμο|νῆα v.
     στῆσε φίλη | βουλὴ τῶν Ἀφροδισιέω(ν)· |
     (10) τῶι γὰρ δὴ καθαρῶι φρέ|να καὶ χέρα, τί πλέον | εὑρεῖν v.
     μνημοσύ|νης ἀγαθῆς ἄλλο πά|ρεστι γέρας; leaf




31: You who are full of (knowledge of) laws, who have blended the Italian Muse with the sweet-voiced honey of the Attic, Oecumenius, the famous governor, the friendly council of the Aphrodisians has set you up here; for what greater reward than that of being well remembered can the man find who is pure in mind and in hand?

254: ?M(ary) b(ore) Ch(rist). God, help.


31: Face (1972) 31: Top of base (1994) 31: View (1994)
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31: Squeeze 254: Inscription on head (drawing, 2001) Statue and base: Drawing: K.Gorkay, from Smith (2002)


For Oecumenius see List of Governors Oecumenius. For 31, see discussion at III.33. For the statue and the monument as whole, see Smith 'The Statue Monument of Oecumenius: A New Portrait of a Late Antique Governor from Aphrodisias' (JRS, 2002), 134-156. For 254, the inscription on the head, see discussion at VIII.20, and compare 145







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