Aphrodisias in Late Antiquity 2004

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91. Theophylact, imperial judge, witnesses a document



[... c. 5 ...]ιονανονυ
τῶν γενομένων
κὲ κυρ[ωθ]έν[τ]ων
5 ἐπὶ Θεοφυλάκτ̣(ου)
τοῦ ἐνδοξοτά(του)
ἀπὸ ἐπάρχων
καὶ θίου δικαστοῦ
ἰνδ(ικτιῶνος) ιε´ μη(νὸς) α´
10 Θεοχάριστος
Ἀχαείου [... c. 4 ...]
[... c. 5 ...] Νου[ν]έ̣χ[ι]ος
15 Προκόπιος [?καὶ]
Θεόδορος ἀνα -
[γ]νόστης ο[ἱ] Ῥού -
[φου] ἰατροῦ,
20 διάκο(νος), Μαριανὸς
διάκο(νος), Γεόργις
ὁ ἀδελφὸς Ἀβελ -
κίου vac.


[?Witnesses] of the things which have taken place and been confirmed under Theophylact, gloriosissimus, ex-prefect and imperial judge, in the first month of the fifteenth indiction. Theocharistus (son) of ?Achaeius; [...] Nounechius (son) of Fabulius; Procopius [?and] Theodore. lector, (sons) of Rufus, ?doctor; Theophylact, deacon; Marianus, deacon; George the brother of Abelcius.


ll. 1-2: τὸν ανόνυ|μον Ramsay.

l.4: ΚΕΚΥΡΕΝΔΟΝ Sherard; κεκυρ[ωμέν]ον Kirchhoff; κὲ κυρ(ωθέντα) Ramsay.

l.5: ΥΕΟΦΥΛΑΚΙΟ Sherard; Θεοφυλακίου Kirchhoff, Ramsay: Θεοφυλάκτου Grégoire.

l.8. ΒΙΟΥ Sherard; βίουKirchhoff, Ramsay; θίου Grégoire.

l.11. ΑΧΑΕΙΟΥ Sherard; Ἀγαθίου? Grégoire.

1.13 [...]ΝΟΥΣΧΟΣ Sherard; [Μό]σχος Kirchhoff; [Παφ]νού[θι]ος? Grégoire,

Νου[ν]έχ[ι]ος cj. J. M. Reynolds.

l.15. After Προκόπιος, nothing in Sherard; [... Kirchhoff; ὁ καὶ] Ramsay, Grégoire.

l.17, τΗΣΟΡΟΣ Sherard; ΣΟ overlap slightly in the original copy (BL Add. 10101) and markedly in the fair copy (BL Harl. 7509), from which Müller transcribed Ω, which appears in all the subsequent publications: ἀνα[γ]νόστη[ς] Ῥούφ[...] Kirchhoff; ἀνα[γ]νόστη[ς ὁ] Ῥού[?φου] Ramsay; ἀνα[γ]νόστη(ς) Ὥρου Grégoire.

l.18. ΕΠΙΑΤΡΟΥ Sherard; Ἐπιάτρου edd.

l.19. ΘΕΟΦΥΛΑΚΙΟΣ Sherard; Θεοφυλάκιος Kirchhoff, Ramsay; Θεοφύλακτος Grégoire.

l.23. ΑΒΕΛΚΙΟΥ Sherard; for Ἀβερκίου Ramsay; for Ἀβεακίου Grégoire


See discussion at VI.42.







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